Come to the teferič

Residents of Sjenica have been organizing meetings to celebrate their tradition and ethnic heritage, known as Teferič, ever since they can remember, and always on a certain day in the same place in Vrele, Karajukića Bunari, Trijebine, Cetanovići, Štavalj. As soon as one Teferič is over, preparations immediately been for another and it is eagerly awaited.

Both the young and the old go to the Teferič, where they meet with their relatives and friends, enjoying the singing and dancing. These occasions are particularly eagerly awaited by family members who live abroad, as this is an opportunity for them to see all their relatives and friends in one place.

A Teferič is also an occasion to ask a girl for her hand in marriage, or to arrange a marriage. Those who are more affluent, compete with each other in who will pay more for a dance in the wheel dance, which they request to be played for their daugh ters – in – law or sisters – in – law. It can happen that as much as 500 euros is paid for one wheel dance. Brides wear much gold jewelry, showing the wealth of the family into which they have been married. Unmarried girls do not wear gold jewelry.

At the Teferič, the most beautiful bride and the most beautiful girl are chosen. They are dressed in stylized folk costumes in red, white, green, orange, and pink colors.

Horse races are also organized on these occasions, stone – throwing, and competitive events in other traditional skills.

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