Tubića cave

Tubića cave is located around 5 km northwest of Sjenice, in the village of Lopiže, the hamlet of Tubića.

The entrance of the cave is located at an altitude of 1020 m, and its exit is a spring, adjacent to the very riverbed of the Uvac, at an altitude of 980 m.

The cave consists of several tunnels whose total length is 1929 m. The main tunnel is 798 m long and it occasionally transverses the brook of Maljevo which then disappears in the hydrologically stilu active lower layers.

Since the construction of the dam on the River Uvac, the exit of this cave is often flooded with the waters of the reservoir lake.

The cave abounds in decorations. It is among the speleological objects that are easier to visit and it could be interesting for tourist tours.

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