Baždarska cave

Baždarska cave is located in Ursule village on the right bank of the Uvac, at around 18 km northwest of Sjenica.
The entrance of the cave is located at an altitude of 1075 m, and it is 155 m above the riverbed of the Uvac.
Contrary to the Ušac cave system and Tubića cave, it has no visible exit.

With 617 m of explored tunnels, this cave ends in a lake which becomes a siphon and prevents further passage through the tunnel.

Located around 400 m from the entrance, on the left side, is a hydrologically active tunnel which brings water into the main tunnel.

A brook disappears into the earth in this cave, and the villagers have named it Rijeka. At the time of the year when the snow melts or there is heavy rainfall and much water enters the cave, it often becomes flooded.

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