Gostun-A pleasant valley

The village Gostun is situated near the border crossing between Serbia and Montenegro, in the fertile valley of the River Gostun. It is located 30 km from Prijepolje and 335 km from Belgrade. The road leading into this tranquil oasis is adjacent to the highway and traces the river bed.

Judging from certain buildings, Gostun is more than 300 years old, because that is how old one of the oldest houses is. The owners of this house still live in it, and its shape and structure represent the cultural heritage of Bosniaks. The surrounding area is rich in waters, forests and pastures.

A visit to this hidden valley, sitting beside the old watermill, eating the traditional dishes, and listening to the tales told by the locals that fire the imagination, is an exciting experience that is long remembered.

The Lim gorge, Dubočica canyon, and the Monastery of Kumanica around Gostun present the good tourist offer of this region.

In Gostun, along the highway, is the Ibrita Motel which has much to offer its guests, including good accommodation facilities.

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