Jadovnik-A potential nature park

South of Zlatar, between the valleys of  the Lim, the Mileševka and the Medjanska Reka, is Mount Jadovnik.
The highest peak is Katunić ( 1,734 m ).

The mountain area of Jadovnik is characterized by spacious pastures, meadows and forests. Time seems to have stopped in Jadovnik in these villages, in the huts and pens where shepherds keep their cattle in the summers and where the women prepare high quality cheese and cream from the milk.

From the heights of Jadovnik, there is a breathtaking view. One can almost reach out and touch Prokletije, Bjelasica, Durmitor, Ljubišnja, Golija, and Zlatibor.

This mountain is magnificent during every season in the year. In summer, fragrant flowers and the green grass give it a particular grace and beauty. The meadows and fields are decorated with spruce, juniper and beech. The most beautiful exhibition that nature can provide keeps appearing again and again under the skies over Jadovnik. The air is clean and intoxicating. The beauty of Jadovnik must be seen to be believed – the storms, the mists and snows, the rain and sun, the winds and fogs.

In winter, the snow sometimes piles up to over 3 m deep, and one should then venture on Jadovnik only in the company of someone who knows the mountain well.

Accommodation capacities can be found in the villages below Jadovnik’ s slopes ( Sopotnica, Vodice, Stranjana, Kaćevo, Gvozd ).

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