Davidovica Monastery

Raised in 1281 as a foundation of David the Monk, son of Vukan and grandson of Nemanja; This church is devoted to Epiphany and the Contract being kept in the Dubrovnik Archive bears witness to its construction.

Desin de Risa and his son Vlaho were the builders of the church.
Its interior was painted in frescoes that originate from the ninth decade of the 13th century.
According to the legend the family Jugovic was buried in Davidovica.

During excavation works were found there three grave plates were found there: the first one over the tomb of Vratko, the next over the tomb of the unknown son of the head of the tribal state Vratislav while the last one contains a chiseled coat of arms of Vukan’ s family – an empty shield in a medallion.
It has also been established that under the church there are the remains of a Roman basilica base from the 4th century and which at the eastern side, can be clearly recognized even today.

After the demolition of the monastery in the 15th century, it remained ruined for centuries up to 1996 when the Museum in Prijepolje started the project for its renovation and reconstruction that was entirely completed in 1988 and when the monastery recovered its original appearance.

The monastery is 2. 5 km far from the highway in Brodarevo connecting with a part of macadam road that leads to the monastery itself and which is passable all the time except during the winter.

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