The Town Library in Vršac

The present – day Town Library was first opened as a Public and School Library in 1887. It was founded by Felix Milleker. The Town Library of Vršac continued the work originally initiated and carried out by the institutions of Serbian Kasina ( 1838 ) and Serbian Reading Room ( 1840 ) . For that reason this library is considered to be one of the oldest libraries in our country.

After World War I, another section was added to the Library – the Sebian Book Section. And, after World War II, the Town Museum and Library divided up into two separate institutions – the Town Museum of Vršac and the Town Library of Vršac.

Library’ s initial holdings of roughly 40, 000 volumes have grown over the years to over 200, 000 volumes.

The Town Library of Vršac is integrated into the central electronic catalogue COBISS ( Co – operative Online Bibliographic System and Services ) , thus facilitating the accessibility of its literary holdings to the widest range of users.

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