The town hall of Vršac

Vršac Town HallVršac acquired its Town Hall after Serbian Vršac and German Vršac, the two Vršac’ s municipalities which had existed as separate administrative units from 1717, merged into a single town, in 1795.

It was the house of Maksim Spasić that was first rented to serve the needs of the town’ s administration but soon after the town rented yet another one – the house of Dimitrije Lotic. In its further advance, the town purchased the entire complex of buildings adjacent to the Town Hall.

In 1859, on the proposal of Mayor Aleksandar Stojakovic, the construction of a new Vršac Town Hall commenced. The new edifice was built in Neo – Gothic style; a memorial tablet, written in both Serbian and Latin language and signed by the Vršac’ s most renowned citizens, was built into its foundations. On that occasion Andrija Vasic wrote the first History of Vršac. In the 60s, an addition to the building was constructed on the north side.

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