The Roman Catholic Cathedral

The Roman Catholic CathedralThis magnificent Roman Catholic Church, dedicated to St. Gerhardt, was built in 1863 over the foundations of a smaller Roman Catholic Church which, in its turn, had originally been an Orthodox house of worship adapted for Roman Catholic worship. Historical narrative goes further back. Reportedly, at this place, in the old days, there had also been a Muslim Mosque which, in its turn, was  built over the foundations of an even older Orthodox Church.

The present – day Church was dedicated to St. Gerhardt upon the suffering of the Church during the 1737 Ottoman military campaign.

St. Gerhardt of Sagred was a Catholic missionary who professed Christianity in Banat and founded the Chandar Diocese of which he was the first Bishop.

The Church was constructed in Neo – Gothic style, with Ernst Svoboda as the site supervisor, Jovan Bibl the developer and architect, and Franc Brandais, native of Vršac, as the contractor.

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