Saint Teodor of Vršac

Saint Theodore of VršacTo have a Saint bearing the name of their town is one of the greatest treasures for the citizens of Vršac. It is St. Theodore of Vršac, Hieromartyr canonized in 1994.

Under the leadership of Teodor Nestorović the Bishop Theodore of Vršac, in 1594, the people of Banat carrying the flags adorned with Saint Sava’ s icon rose up againts the Turks. A couple of monts later, the Turks regained the lost towns. The people and the Bishop Theodore had fled the area, but when the Turks promised that there would be no retaliation they returned. The Bishop was captured by the Timisoara Pasha and skinned alive.

The canonization was carried out on May 29, 1994 in Vršac, in the presence of the Patriarch and a large number of Bishops. In 2002, the Curch devoted to this Saint was dedicated on the Vršac’ s Hill.

Its main benefactor was Rodoljub Drašković.
The Church frescoes were painted in 2003.

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