The Mesić Monastery

Monastery MesićIt is probable that this Monastery was bilt by a member of the Branković family in the 15th century. A fresco in the Monastery Church,painted in the area where the benefactr i. e. founder of the Church is usually painted, represents the portrayal of Despot Jovan Branković.

The church was constructed in traditional Raschka style, as a single – nave with a dome and rectangular choirs, with certain influences of  the Morava Scholl style.

In the 18th century, when the residental quarters in Classical style, new parvis of the Church and baroque bell tower ( designed by the Czech architect Anton Bleberger ) were built, the Monastery acquired its definitive exquisite appearance, as we know it today.

Wall painting of the Church includes three levels of frescoes, dating from 16th to 19th century.
In the Church, in addition to a large numcW of icons, placed on the Throne of the Virgin Mary is an icon which is believed to have miraculous power. It Is known as Axion estin ( English: It Is Truly Meet; Serbian: Bogorodica Dostojno jest ) . It was brought to the Mesić Monastery from Athos 11603.

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