The Town Museum in Vršac

The Town MuseumThe first public exhibition was held in ” Konkordia ” Building in 1896 Much of the exponents exhibited on that occasion had been collected over a mere two – year period preceding the exhibition date.

During the period 1898 – 1942, the Museum and Library in Vršac had operated as a single, integrated institution. Felix Milleker was the very first and long standing custodian of this respectable cultural institution.  In 1947 this temple of culture branched off into two independent institutions – the Town Museum and the Town Library of Vršac.

Today, the Town Museum of Vršac is a rich repository of our archaeological, natural history and art heritage. This Museum prides itself in possessing a number of memory collection, such as ” The Memory of Paja Jovanović ” , ” The History of Health Care in Banat ” and the legacy of painter Zoran Petrović. These collections are displayed in the old ” Pharmacy on Stairs ” .

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