Castle in Vlajkovac

castle in VlajkovacThis castle was built by Count Djerdj Mechonji in 1859 but it is commonly associated with the Bissingen family who had owned the castle until World War II.

At the beginning of 20th century, the owneress of the castle possessed, according to historical data a library of several thousand volumes, antique furniture and valuable items of applied arts.

The castle was built on a countryside estate outside the built – up area as a free standing structure surrounded by a park.

It is a sizeable, two – storey, rectangular – shaped building. It was built in classical style, richly adorned with wrought iron and cast iron workings. Above the upper floor of the entrance porch there is a roof cornice, an attica with balustrade and arched vault niche on which there used to be the crest of the Bissingen – Nippenburg family. The pyramid – shaped porch roof is topped with a pear – shaped dome with a pinnacle rising from it. This pinnacle is adorned with a stylized lily and on top of it there is a flag with a lightning rod.

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