Rushdia – Museum – Today’s Museum; the structure was built in the period from 1839 to 1845. It was built for the needs of Rushdia – a lower three – year secondary school for studying both religious and secular subjects. This first secondary school started work in 1914. The building itself has been adapted for museum purposes and from 1991 on a permanent museum exhibition was established.

Preserving its historical values and unchanged architectural appearance the Museum, by its stamp and memorandum, emphasizes the fact that it is placed within the building where the first secondary school in Prijepolje started work.

The museum in Prijepolje was officially opened on June 15, 1991 with a permanent museum exhibition called ” Prijepolje in the Past “. This very rich and complex museum exhibition includes archeology, history and ethnology sections the framework of which is represented by exhibits from the important ancient locality of Kolovrat such as: golden earrings, fibulas, glass and medieval ceramics as well as the stone plastics of Mileševa and Davidovica monasteries.

The traditional folk culture is shown in specimens of costumes, dishes, carpets, gadgets and helping devices from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. All significant historical dates, rebellions, wars and migrations as shown in various exhibits speak about the turbulent history of this region.

The museum in Prijepolje has the status of a regional museum and by the projects accomplished in the field of protection and by great artistic projects organized within the gallery it gained the reputation of the most important cultural institution in the southwest of Serbia. For that reason a visit to Prijepolje enables all target groups to experience an unforgettable walk through the past and to get acquainted with the civilizations of Rome, Byzantium, Orthodoxy and Islam that in these territories lived for centuries and still live today too.

Within the newly built part of the museum there is a constant exhibition devoted to the most famous citizen of Prijepolje the world known basket ball player Mr. Vlade Divac. The sports medals he has won, sports equipment and photos from basketball matches illustrate the memorable sports career of one of iln greatest world athletes.

The museum is located in the center of the town next to the town market and municipality building of Prijepolje.

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