Monument to December 4th

Monument to December 4th is cultural monument of great importance.
One of the most significant battles during the Second World War between the German army and partisan forces within these territories took place in Prijepolje on the 4th of December 1943.

In the stone building of the former Austro – Hungarian hospital there were about 400 soldiers of the First Sumadija Brigade that were unexpectedly attacked by strong German units. In bloody and heavy fighting almost the entire partisan unit was destroyed and according to the data on that day more than 400 partisans were killed.

Historical records show that the battle for Prijepolje represents the heaviest defeat of partisans when in one day so many soldiers were killed. After the Second World War, a magnificent monument was raised on the remains of the old hospital ruins made by the sculptor Lojze Dolinar, that symbolizes resistance and the fight of the partisans in battle for Prijepolje. In bas – reliefs on other walls there is a review of the battle as well as inscribed names of all the soldiers killed.

This monument complex is situated next to the highway in the very vicinity of the stone bridge in Prijepolje.

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