Memorial Complex “Boško Buha”

Memorial complex ” Boško Buha “, Jabuka is one of the most famous and visited communist commemorative spots erected after the Second World War; it is dedicated to the famous partisan boy bomber Boško Buha who got killed duringthe Second World War on the Jabuka plateau.

This complex is devoted to him and all those young partisan Pioneers killed in the war. It was built up in 1960s thanks to mutual money contributions by the Pioneers of the big former Yugoslav federation. It experienced a great expansion during the 1970s when elementary and high schools had a compulsory program to visit this memorial complex.

For those reasons at the beginning of the 1960s a museum was opened with an exhibition dedicated to the children in the War of National Liberation.  The museum was in function up to the beginning of the 1990s when the former Yugoslavia fell apart.

From that time till today the memorial complex ” Boško Buha ” on Jabuka has been unjustly forgotten and left out of the school programs and excursions. At the present time it is in a state of silent ruination, forgotten by the state and society, although it satisfies the conditions to receive and accommodate 400 visitors of school population.

This complex, which is situated 1300  m above sea level, can be reached by means of the highway Prijepolje – Pljevlja.

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