Jabuka-An outdoor school

The village of Jabuka is located on the Jabuka mountain plateau (1, 300 m), on the road Prijepolje – Pljevlja. It is located 320 km from Belgrade. Its beauty is equaly attractive in summers as in winters. Meadows, plateaus and mountain pastures in summers form a multi – colored carpet where one can enjoy a rest, and, in winters, they are gentle slopes challenging those who enjoy winter holidays.

Jabuka abounds in flower meadows and coniferous forests. There is not a single apple tree ( jabuka – apple ). The village got its name from jousts held here in days gone by between knights of’ Sandaj Hranić and Stepan Herceg, competing to see who would shoot an arrow into an apple through a ring. There was also fighting here in World War I, to capture Jabuka. The legendary World War II bomber  Boško Buha was killed on this plateau. A memorial area and a tourist complex have been named after him.

Jabuka offers 220 beds in the tourist complex and 70 beds in the Boško Buha Memorial Home. With a modern central building that houses restaurants, lounges, classrooms and the necessary teaching aids, Jabuka provides excellent conditions for organizing outdoor schools. Sports courts and a ski trail add to the offer for student tourism and for the training of sport clubs. Jabuka also offers accommodation in village household.

Close to the Wild is Popova Cave, whose entrance is situated at an altitude of 800 m and in which the total length of the cave tunnels is 294 m. The cave has not been explored.

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