Buckwheat pie

The pie is very special and tasty: make soft buckwheat dough and pour it into the pan and then bake it a little, take it out from the oven, preheat soft cheese and cream and spread out over it and put it back into the oven and bake again for a while. Take it out …

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Negotin region

Negotin region is situated in the valley, surrounded by the mountains Miroč, CrniWth and Deli Jovan in one side and the Danube and Timok Rivers in the other side, which provides quite a specific climate in the area, characterized by very warm summers and cold winters. From Belgrade, Negotin can be reached by the international …

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Nova Varoš

Nova Varoš ( 953 meters above the sea level ) , is situated in the southwestern part of Serbia, to the very south of Zlatibor district. It is an area of 584,41 square km. It is a town of 10, 335 inhabitants. The road Belgrade – Montenegrinan Adriatic coast passes through Nova Varoš. There are …

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The Mileševka Canyon

From its source to the medieval town of Mileševac, the River Mileševka has carved a valley known as the Mileševka River Canyon. The specific characteristic of this canyon is the wilderness, the raw nature, ruggedness, its depth ( occasionally even more than 300 m) , with sides that are at right angles with the riverbed. …

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The river Lim

The River Lim appears below Mt Prokletije, bringing down the waters of the beautiful Plav Lake, situated at an altitude of999 m. The river’ s biggest gorge can be found between Dobrakovo and Brodarevo. The Lim flows over a distance of 174 m and passes through Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Prijepolje, Priboj and Rudo. It …

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The southeastern part of the region of Prijepolje is covered by Mt Ozren ( highest peak Revuša 1,693 m ), which is separated from Jadovnik by the Skudlan stream. The mountain is not covered in forests, its surface is rolling but bare. When the weather is fine, it is bathed in sunlight, which gave the …

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Gostun-A pleasant valley

The village Gostun is situated near the border crossing between Serbia and Montenegro, in the fertile valley of the River Gostun. It is located 30 km from Prijepolje and 335 km from Belgrade. The road leading into this tranquil oasis is adjacent to the highway and traces the river bed. Judging from certain buildings, Gostun …

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Jabuka-An outdoor school

The village of Jabuka is located on the Jabuka mountain plateau (1, 300 m), on the road Prijepolje – Pljevlja. It is located 320 km from Belgrade. Its beauty is equaly attractive in summers as in winters. Meadows, plateaus and mountain pastures in summers form a multi – colored carpet where one can enjoy a …

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Kamena Gora

Many consider Kamena Gora the most beautiful village in the Municipality of Prijepolje. It is located between Prijepolje, Pljevlje and Bijelo Polje, situated at a distance of 20 km from Prijepolje and 320km from Belgrade. The symbol of Kamena Gora is a centuries – old pine tree which reflects in the best possible way the …

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The village of Sopotnica lies on the slopes of Mount Jadovnik, at an altitude of 1, 200 m. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Prijepolje and 327 km from Belgrade. Sopotnica is a village of murmuring springs and cascades whose path along the slopes to their confluence with the Lim gave …

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Memorial paragliding cup “Dragoslav Divac”

In order to express respect and gratitude to the first founder and contestant from the paragliding club “The White Angel” there has been organized the Memorial Paragliding Cup “Dragoslav Divac” has been organized. This memorial is included into the official league and its results are scored for the championship of Serbia.

Gifts of the Lim

The invitation ” Come to the River “ on the first weekend in August opens the tourist manifestation called ” The Gifts of the Lim “ and attracts a large crowd of citizens from Prijepolje and other guests. On that day the Memorial Tournament ” Radomir Lale Moračanin ” in beach – volley, then rafting …

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