The Mileševka Canyon

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    • Municipality: Prijepolje

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    From its source to the medieval town of Mileševac, the River Mileševka has carved a valley known as the Mileševka River Canyon.
    The specific characteristic of this canyon is the wilderness, the raw nature, ruggedness, its depth ( occasionally even more than 300 m) , with sides that are at right angles with the riverbed.

    Above the rocky riverbed of the Mileševka rises the tall and supple relic plant – Pančić’ s spruce. The fragrant smelling Balkan Daphne also grows here, as well as the cultivated chestnut and the black pine tree.

    Another symbol of the wilderness in this canyon is the Griffon Vulture, which nests in Orlovača cave of the Mileševka canyon.

    At the exit from the canyon, beneath the village of Hisardžik, are the ruins of the medieval town of Mileševac.

    The natural beauty and the rare characteristics of the Mileševka canyon can be found at a distance of 8 km from Prijepolje or 2 – 2, 5 km northeast of the Monastery of Mileševa. The canyon is the dream of every lover of mountain tourism, adventurers in search of untouched nature. This unique area is unknown to most residents of Serbia.

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