Kamena Gora

Many consider Kamena Gora the most beautiful village in the Municipality of Prijepolje. It is located between Prijepolje, Pljevlje and Bijelo Polje, situated at a distance of 20 km from Prijepolje and 320km from Belgrade.

The symbol of Kamena Gora is a centuries – old pine tree which reflects in the best possible way the lives of the local population. Many villagers lived to be a hundred years old under its branches, and that is why the village, meaning ” rock mountain”, is also called a village of  centenarians. And they have named the ancient pine tree Svetibor ( Holy Pine ). When there was no church yet nearby, Christians took the sacrament and held services under its branches, and no – one ever carried off anything from under the tree – not even a broken twig.

The village of centenarians is rich in forests and waters and presents a true nature reserve. Every hamlet and every valley has gushing springs. Under the hill Pribojno brdo alone, there are more than 30 springs which contain small fish. There are over 100 springs in this area that never go dry. Lovers of untouched nature often visit Kamena Gora. It presents a great challenge to mountaineers, paragliders, athletes training at high altitudes, speleologists. The ethnic village Guvnište, the eco – camp Kovčica, ethnic entities, an 80 km long marked mountain trail ( map, guide ), a 40 km marked mountain bicycle trail ( map, guide ), gorges formed by mountain rivers, provide wide possibilities for mountain tourism.

Kamena Gora has a mild climate and provides a warm atmosphere. The villagers welcome visitors to their homes and offer their traditional dishes, their knowledge and skills, the joy of living. This attractive tourist destination also offers a comfortable forest cabin, which is owned by the company Srbijašume. There are also 80 beds available in village households. The village restaurant, The Rose, serves local delicacies.

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