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    • Municipality: Prijepolje

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    The southeastern part of the region of Prijepolje is covered by Mt Ozren ( highest peak Revuša 1,693 m ), which is separated from Jadovnik by the Skudlan stream.

    The mountain is not covered in forests, its surface is rolling but bare. When the weather is fine, it is bathed in sunlight, which gave the mountain its name, as it resembles the face of a young girl that is lit up with joy ( ozaren – Ozren ). There are many springs from which several brooks flow toward Uvac and Dubočica, the right tributaries of the Lim.

    The rare natural beauty of Jadovnik and Ozren – the canyons, gorges, peaks, caves, abundant forest fruit, attract nature lovers.

    On Mt Ozren, the rare and fragrant yew tree grows in the hamlet of Točilovo.

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