The Sutjeska Canyon

The Sutjeska canyon ( altitude 620 m )  is located at a distance of 30 km from Priboj in the direction of Pljevlja.

Here, the river has cut a narrow canyon into the limestone for a length of 2 km. In certain places, the sides are over 300 m high.

In the canyon itself, the Bučevka flows into the Sutjeska. The steep sides of the canyon are framed by the mountain peaks of Ožalj ( 1228 m ) and Projić ( 1223 m ) which abound in coniferous forests.

A road has been traced through the canyon, and there is also an old stone bridge whose structure fully merges with the surrounding landscape.

There is plenty of fish in the river, mostly trout and grayling.
The habitat of an endemic specie of yew is also located nearby.

The road hugging the river, the old stone bridge, rocky cliffs with sparse vegetation, a strong epic landscape, dramatic, intense, is worthy of much attention and a certain degree of protection.

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