Monastery of St. George

The Monastery in Mazici or as it is also known, St. George in Dabar and monastery Orahovica. It was founded on an old cult place.

In the prehistoric times, at the beginning of the Bronze Age ( around 1900 BC ) this place, where the monastery was built, was used for burials. For the same purpose it was used in the Roman ages and in the middle ages.

This monastery was destroyed for the first time during Kuman’ s army attack.

It was restored under King Milutin’ s supervision in a way that biographer Danilo the II used to say that King Milutin built the monastery himself. The monastery was burnt down and then restored several times.

The last devastation happened in 1743. After that it was not restored for a long time. Finally in 1999 when archeological exploration started it was reconstructed again.

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