Ethno Park – Terzića Avlija

Terzića AvlijaEthno park ” Terzića avlija ” ( ” Terzić’s yard ”  ) is situated not far from the centre of the village Zlakusa, on a small hill, under the very beech – tree forest. ” Terzića avlija ” represents former typical country yard which consists of the two old Serbian houses ( one of them is 100 years old and built of sun – dried brick, with a roof on four slopes, covered with old tile of pepper colour ) . One of them served for everyday family life and the other was used as guests house and a house for receiving and serving guests for family patron’s day and similar occasions.


At the breakout and during the Second World War there used to be one of the first country schools. The other house is 100 yeras old and adapted for the needs of country tourism into three – room suite with the elements of ethno style. The house in which there used to be a school is expected to be a museum. It consists of the two chambers – one is set as ethno room and represents a part of permanent exhibition,and the other with showcases is planned for various thematic exhibitions.

There are a few more economic objects in the yard ( dairy, shed, farm… a few newly built summer – cottages,a little summer stage and one log – cabin in which you can buy souveniers ) and a 12 metres deep water well with cold water…

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