Zlakusa Village – Village of Art

Zlakusa Village – 14 km away from Užice and known for its production of the Serbian Zepter and for its nternational Colony Of Art Ceramics ” Zlakusa”  –  Užice, which is held in the village of  Zlakusa every year from the 8th – 18th August. Above all, this village offers the creation of ceramic pots and artistic ceramics in the ancient way, on the hand reel, and their baking in the open fire.


ZlakusaThe international colony of art ceramics Zlakusa – Užice is an autor’s project of Sofija Bunardžić, a painter and craftsman in ceramics from the town of Užice. What makes this project special is the fact that craftsmen have the possibility to do research with still not enough studied processing, a technique called ” Zlakusa ” or ” Sofija – Zlakusa” .

The specifics of this colony could be observed through the construction of fine links between, on the one hand, traditional pottery which is unique after its material and applied working methods and baking of ceramics at the open fire.

On the other hand, this includes modern trends in art ceramics. In the same way, as once it was manufactured ( from prehistoric until the present ), modern artists produce works in this colony  ( potter’ s wheel ) .

The artists participate if invited by the organization or as the artist exchange from other comprehensive arts gatherings with which Association ” Zlakusa Pottery “ Užice makes this kind of cooperation. There is also possibility that artist themselves pay the participation fee. Lodging, food and work are carried out in the households of Zlakusa village, which are still practicing this kid of craft, or in the city of Užice.

The success and the well known title of Zlakusa acknowledges ” Zlakusa Pottery “ as a valuable contribution to modern pottery, as well as a cultural step forward for us. Genuine, as it is based in our national heritage, marks its authenticity, its need that crafts should be preserved through times, but also that they should be enriched by new visions of the people who are gifted to notice beauty and value.

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