Jelova Gora

Jelova GoraJelova Gora belongs to the group of Maljen – Povlen Mountains in Dinaric Mountains. It is situated to the northeast of the Užice on its 9th kilometer. It is afforested plateau with thick woods, of total surface of about 20 km2, at the average altitude of about 850 m, with dominating mountain tops: Đakov Kamen ( 1003 m ) , Presedo, Ozkolište and Zborište.
It is rich in waters, with plenty of spring waters ( Jovanova Voda, Batina Voda, Izvorak, Studenac, Samadžinac, recently better known as Desankina česma ) . The biggest river passing through it is Tatalija, it joins Tmus and mouthes in Skrapež.

The woods are mainly beech wood, hornbeam, birch and aspen, and the least of oak woods. In recent times there are more areas covered by pine, fir, common spruce and mountain cypress.This mountain beauty is famous for bilberries. The chemical content of the soil is suitable for this kind of berries. The people living there are doing their best to preserve the nature.

The center of tourist and catering industry is situated on the plateau, under Zborište ( the motel, the resort of The Ministry of Internal Affairs and numerous cottages ) . Jelova Gora is mountain zone, rich with various games of pray. Roe deer is most common, but there is also fox, rabbit, marten, badger and a large variety of forest birds. Jelova Gora is notfet well known tourist resort although there is no doubt in its beauty. Harmonious incorporated fields with pitoresque plateaus and forests, the beauty of untouched nature and clean mountain air make this site very attractive.

Hiding its absorbings scents deep in its heart, Jelova Gora gives its visitors the spirit of untouched nature.

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