Hotel Zlatibor Mona

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Hotel Zlatibor MonaHotel Zlatibor Mona located in the heart of Zlatibor tourist resort nearby all major attractions. Hotel features 90 accommodation units with 201 beds in rooms, studios and apartments.

The congress center of Mona Zlatibor Hotel consists of 5 separated units – three rooms, a congress hall, and a meeting hall. The congress center has a capacity, which enables plenary work with 200 persons or 300 persons when working in groups. Area is air – conditioned, with Internet and phone access available…

Wellness Mona is an exclusive complex where you can in a natural manner improve thegeneral health condition of your body and spirit.The area of 700 m2 includes the content that spontaneously interconnects Eastern Philosophy, Western technology, old and new traditions. Wellness center will distance you from your every – day duties and stress in an authentic way – together with relaxing treatments which will provide you with energetic balanceas well.

Wellness Mona is your corner where you stop looking at your watch …

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