Zlatibor Čigota

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Čigota-ZlatiborZlatibor is a mountain of exquisit beauty. It has pleasant and mild climate, large clearings, exuberent pastures intersected with mountain streams and pine trees – which this mountain was named after.

Zlatibor is on the high – way Belgrade to the coast of Montenegro. It is situated 230 km from Belgrade and 25 km from Užice. The fact that people can be cured on Zlatibor from deseases which attack both the soul and the body at the same time – psychosomatic illneses has been old for over more than a hundred years.

At the same time the experts have been searching for the reasons of healing which this mountain offers and it is reflected in the mild climate on the height of 1000 metres. Mountain and sea gulfs encounter here which speed up the curing and the recovering from a large number of lung and heart illneses, especially from illneses of thyroid gland and anemia.

Special hospital for thyroid gland and metabolism – Zlatibor

there are: word for stationary treatment, out – patient – policynic ward, nuclear medicine ward, physical medicine and the cabinet for balanced nutrition and recreation.

The Čigota program

Čigota is a popular dietetic – recreational programme that will help you get rid of your surplus weight, to rest, to refresh, to regain your fittness, and what’ s most important – during your stay on Zlatibor you ‘ll learn to live different   –  more activelly and healthy.

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