Village Semegnjevo

Semegnjevo is located 16 km from the centre of Zlatibor. It is situated on 1,000 m above sea level, environmentaly suitable for hunting and recreative tourism. Also, along with an asphalt road, there are plenty of forest paths that are ideal for mountain biking. Numerous springs of pure mountain waters and clear brooks are rich …

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Village Mušvete

Mušvete is a small village on mountain Zlatibor, located 6km from Čajetina and the tourist centre of Zlatibor. It is surrounded by three great hills: Gradina, Gliza and Cerova. Seven mills used to work on the cold streams in the village, and today there is a swimming pool. Besides the abundance of brooks there are …

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Village Rudine

Rudine is located 6 km from Zlatibor towards Sirogojno, and it is the most accessible village of Zlatibor. Characteristic for a high amount of sunny days and cultivated landscapes of grazing fields, this village is ideal for truck farming. Rudine is trully an oasis of intact nature. There are 40 categorised beds in the village.

Village Ljubiš

Ljubiš is located 25 km from the centre of Zlatibor. Village is rich in various flora, especially medicinal herbs, mushrooms and forest fruit. There are fish ponds of California trout on the river Ljubišnica thar runs through the village. Ršum cave is also located here. Ljubiš is the birth place of a famous poet Ljubivoje …

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Village Rožanstvo

Rožanstvo is located 15 km from the centre of Zlatibor and has 450 inhabitants working mainly in agriculture. It is famous for the production of barrels, wooden tubs and other wooden products. The river Prištavica runs through this village, and on its right shore there’ s one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia – …

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Village Gostilje

Gostilje is located on the mountain slope, 30 km from the centre of Zlatibor. There are 400 inhabitants, mainly working in cattle breeding and fruit growing. Environment is ideal for collecting medicinal herbs, fishing and sport tourism. Natural environment of this village is pictoresque, and its unique attraction is a 20 m high waterfall on …

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The village of Brankovina is situated only 12 km from the town of Valjevo. Today Brankovina is a popular and famous turist destination. Many special events take place here : ” Desanka’ s conversations in Maj ” , ” Meetings of the poets in October ” and ” The day of the raspberry” . The …

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Fortress of Niš

At the Nišava river bank, on the remains of the roman military camp, the roman town called Naissus, and finally on the remains of Byzantium and medieval destroyed fortification, the Turks build strong fortress at the beginning of 18th century. The building of this fortress lasted from 1719 to 1723. it was build with local …

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The Devil’ s Town – Nominated For Natural World’s Phenomen

The ” Devil’ s Town “ , the natural monument, is situated in the south of Serbia, 27 km south – east from Kuršumlija. This natural monument embrace two rare world’s phenomena: soil figures as specific relief forms rendering an attractive sight, and two wells of strong acidic waters with high mineralization. The terrain around …

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The oldest story of Negotin originates from the times of the Romans ( 3rd century A.D. ) , the age of tetrarchy – reign of the four. In an area adjacent to the village of Šarkamen the remnants of a residence of the emperor Maximinus Daia were found, as well as the golden jewelry which …

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Pivnice – Wine Cellars

Vine cultivation has to a great extent preserved a traditional way of growing vineyards, cutting, processing and making wine. This was accompanied by a particular techhology, tools, mechanisms and wine containers and cellars used for wine preservation. Winegrowers marked the start of the vintage with clean cellars and dishes, while the first vintage day was …

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Memorial Kadinjača

Among other monuments around Užice, one in particular is worth seeing – Memorial on Kadinjača ( 14 km towards west from Užice ). The memorial is dedicated to the troops of Workers Battalion from Užice, the Posavec and the Orasans, who scarified their lives on 29th November 1941. by protecting the retreat of the main …

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The Smederevo Fortress

By order of Despot Ðurad Branković began in 1428, at the mouth of the rivers Jezava and Danube, at the very north of the country, the building of the Smederevo fortress, which became the seat of Serbian secular and clerical authorities of the time. Enormous quantities of stone necessary for the construction were dragged from …

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