Maglič – medieval fortress

It is not known who and when was built Maglič.  It was probably built in the XIII century. The town has certain significance in the cinflicts betwen the king Milutin and his brother Dragutin during the Viennese war ( 1683 – 1699) and the Second serbian uprising …

Fortress Bač

At beginning of the 14th century the dynasty has changed in Hungary and Charles Robert from the Anjoy family took over the power. In that period from 1338 to 1342, he built a town (fortress) on the river Mostonga with a square tower, six storeys high, important for the town defence system. Today it is …

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Orašac-keeper of past

The well-known place of Orašac, only 70 km away from Belgrade, is considered the cradle of the modern Serbian statehood. It was in this Sumadian village that in the far 1804, at the Visitation of the Virgin Holiday (2/15 February), all prominent Serbs met and agreed to raise an insurrection against the centuries-long Turkish rule …

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