The Archaeological Park – Lazar’ s City

The Archaeological – Park Lazar’s city is an archaeological site, the remnant of the medieval city, which was built by King Lazar in to be his capital and a military fortress.

The authentic remnants of the Tower, the XIV century church, the remnants of the King’s castle, the monument to King Lazar and the National Museum, are all situated in the park.

The National Museum

The National Museum located inside the complex of Lazar’s city, in the building erected in 1863, originally for the needs of Grammar School.

In 1969. it was adapted to meet the needs of the Museum.

The fund of the museum includes almost 22 000 objects, divided into four departments with a total of seven collections ( archaeological, historical, ethnographic, numismatic, cultural – historical, scientific and the collection of art and design ) .

The Lazarica ChurchThe Lazarica Church is devoted to the archdeacon Stefan, the patron of the Nemanjić dynasty.

It was built in the period between 1377/78. and 1380. in the honour of Stefan, the firstborn son of king Lazar and heir to his throne.

During the restoration of Lazarica, after the liberation from the Turks, the walls of the church were painted for the second time in 1843.

The author of these paintings, the painter from Požarevac, Živko Pavlović, also painted the iconostasis of the church during 1844., just before the visit of Alexander Karadjodjević to Kruševac.

Karadjordje presented the church with a bell that has been preserved to this day.

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