Vrnjačka Spa

Vrnjačka Banja Vrnjačka Spa is located in the central part of Serbia, about 200 km south of Belgrade, with the altitude of’ between 220 and 300 meters high.

From south, east and west it is covered over by the mountain Goč with its ski paths which are only 14 km away from the city of Vrnjačka Spa.

The climate of our city Vrnjačka Spa is temperate continental with temperate warm summers and temperate cold winters.


Thanks to God, Vrnjačka Spa has a natural wealth of mineral sources, and its citizens would generously share them to those whose health benefit is necessary. Warm and cold mineral springs connected with modern medicine have an effect of treating of the digestinal, kidney, urinary illnesses, as the diabetes and cardio – vasculary illnesses too. 

Vrnjačka Spa is known for its wonderful and spacious parks ( about 64 acres ) , and for its beautiful floral rundalls. Throughout the whole year of periods many interesting things are going on so due to these variety of happenings it is interesting to be a visitor any time of the year.

Large number of hotels, restaurants, buildings of host, trade and all kinds of services make a relevant offer of the spa of Vrnjačka Spa.

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