KraljevoWhen we are searching for the spiritual vertical of Kraljevo, we should look at its ” royal “ origin that came from the spiritual and religious program of the First Serbian Archbishopric. This ” royal “ origin is guaranty for the protection of the tradition in the XXI century. According to its location as a centre, where the roads from north and south, east and west of Serbian provinces cross each other, where the mountains and the rivers have plentifully decorated the land and have given fertility necessary for life wit the VII millenium BC,

Kraljevo generously accepts everyone whо visits it with faith.

This is a motto of today’ s sity coat of arm with the notion of a falcon above the shield of seven royal crowns. Through the Ibar’ s valley, epochs easily come into view, from Stefan Nemanja, Saint Sava and Stefan the First – Crowned with the aureole of Žiča and Studenica monasteries, over Uroš and beautiful Helen d’ Anjou, with the Renaissance of the Serbian Court in the full glow of artistic and spiritual achievements. The chrism of the heirs to the throne of both dynasties, Obrenović and Karadjordjević, that took place in the Serbian spiritual capital – Žiča monastery, and the fact that king Milan Obrenović – who gave the name to the city – was its godfather, add the strength and the tradition in the foundation of the town which, at the beginning of the new century, developes stormily into a modern center.

In addition to an overnight stay and traditional hospitality, in Kraljevo, a traveler can find a wide range of different: from cultural events on the round Square of Serbian warrior, over selected theatre repertoire, dynamic concert program in the acoustic hall of the Public Museum, permanent and very impressive literary concept in the Public Library ” Stefan Prvovenčani ” to the museum exhibitions from the oldest periods till modern art. The events during springs and summertime activate the city and bring people to the association and mutual enrichment : from the Žiča Spiritual Fair – Metamorphosis, the Summer Spiritual Academy of the Serbian Music Youth in Studenica monastery, the Fine Arts Salon of Kraljevo’ s artists, the Days of Lilacs, to the recreation and interesting events like ” Visit narcissi ” on the mountain Stolovi, ” Merry shipping ” on the Ibar, automotive races and creative programs kind of old village fairs.

Traditionally, citizens of Kraljevo spend hot summers on the Ibar and the Zapadna Morava, in the spas that have a proved medical effect, Mataruška and Bogutovačka, associating with each other organizing family gathering, or enjoying in the sports on the fast rivers. Find your oases for the individual rest along the Ribnica and the Sokolja rivers and the springs of Goč. Take a book and a backpack and set out for the paths of Goč and the Stolovi Mountain, refreshing yourself in the water of the mythical river Meljanica, where many centuries ago the travelers who were going toward the city of Maglič, Zvečan and Novo Brdo have rested. Or, going over the Lopatnica’ s valley and fishing, set out for the untouched landscape of Troglav and Golija mountains. In Brvenica, there is still a natural spawning place of trout, and here you will find the clarity of a view that comes from Gradac monastery.

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