The spa-Bogutovačka banja

The spa – Bogutovačka Banja – is located in the central part of Serbia, 200 km south from Belgrade or 23 km of Kraljevo.
It is situated at the altitude of 520 m, and it has a continental climate.

The mineral water of Bogutovačka spa temperature ( 24 – 27°C ) can help in many sicknesses.

Indications: Functional disorder of the nervous system, neuralgia, myalgia on reumatic basis, psychoneurosis ( insomnia and headache ) of the vegitative neurosis, nerve inflamation, heart neurosis, high blood pressure, convalescent state and climacteric states.
In addition to its terapeutic facilites, the spa – Bogutovačka Banja offers splended possibilities for an activ holiday and recreation in angling, hunting, mountaineering, walking, training of sportman and excusion making.

Accommodation capacities: Hotel ” Mineral ” ( 200 beds ), the hotel Annex ( 45 beds ); private accommodation ( 1000 beds ).

The cultural and historic monuments are in the vicinity: the monasteries of Žiča, Studenica, medival fortress Maglič, and also the Goč and Kopaonik mountains.

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