Jošanička Spa

Jošanička spaJOŠANIČKA SPA is situated on the slopes on Kopaonik, in a valley of river Jošanica and its tributary Samokovka. It lies at the altitude of 550m and it has characteristics klimatic sanatorium. Jošanička spa is situated 245 km from Belgrade and 74 km from Kraljevo.

To the spa can be reached by car from the Belgrade – Niš with branch off toward to Kraljevo and to the main road Belgrade – Kraljevo.


Spa has five sources of mineral water, which is among the warmest in the country. The main source provide the 7 liters of water per second and temperature is 77 ° C. Other sources have different capacities and temperature ( from 36 – 75 ° C) . Water of Jošanička spa belongs to the group hiperterm, containing sodium, potassium, calcium, hidrocarbonate, sulfate and fluoride. They are used in medicinal purposes, drinking in combination with hydro-chinesetherapy and medication. Treatment is implemented in the health station, which has modern equipment, spa bathroom with ten baths and smaller pool.

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