JastrebacJastrebac is the highest mountain in the area it can be reached following the road from Kruševac and passing through the villages of Golovode, Lomnica and Buci.

Jastrebac used to be popular resort and its old fame is being restored now thanks to the hotels that have been refurbished and expanded,

Jastrebac is a mountain extremely rich in forests and water, offering the visitors a really beautiful atmosphere.

Whether you seek a comfortable and relaxed holiday or you enjoy mountaineering and hiking, Jastrebac is the right place for you.

Typical for Jastrebac are dense coniferous and deciduous woods, which are also used as a source of timber for the wood industry in Kruševac.

Famous for their outstanding beauty are the birch reserve and also numerous streams, brooks and sources. Right at the entrance to the mountain, in a sunny valley, is an artificial lake with a beach.

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