Prolom Spa

Prolom Spa is in the south of Serbia, 23 km away from Kuršumlija, at 550 to 668 m of altitude. It is 85 km away from Niš, 98 from Kruševac, 284 km from Belgrade when taking the route through Kruševac, or 316 km away through Niš.

Prolom Spa is a climate resort operating within A.D. ” Planinka ” company from Kuršumlija.
The curative waters and mud, climate and ambiance are the natural resources utilized in the healing treatments.

The curative waters of Prolom Spa belong to the very rare waters of high quality balneological values, offering possibilities for treating a wide scope of indicated diseases. These are the nitrogenous, medium – alkaline ( pH 8, 4 ) , low – mineralized ( 337 – 441 mg/ 1 ) , natrium hydro – carbonate, silicon hypo – thermal waters. Major balneological composition of these waters are comprised of: nitrogen, siliceous acid and alkaline properties, while the content of hydrogen – sulphide is negligible, and fluor content is low ( below 0. 2 mg/ 1 ) , permitting drinking of unlimited quantities of the water.

Near the Hotel, there is a newly built Prolom water-bottling factory, exploiting water from 200 m under the ground and bottled directly into PET containers, without any physical or chemical alterations.

The climate of Prolom Spa is a moderate continental one, with sub – alpine features, and has favorable effects on human health.

The accommodation facilities offered by A.D. ” Planinka ” include: 440 beds in ” Radan ” Hotel and its annexes ( rooms with two and three beds, suites and full apartments ) . All rooms are supplied with the curative spa water used as ordinary water and for medicinal purposes. Besides the 440 – seat restaurant, guests can also use a 150 – seat cafe bar, banquet hall with 80 seats capacity and ” Ethno Tavern ” , open during the season, with 104 seats as specific offer of traditional meals and drinks from Kuršumlija region.


1. Kidney and urinary tract diseases:
chronic infections, urinary tract sand, postoperative urinary tract treatments,

2. Digestive tract diseases:
hyper – acidic gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcers, intestinal catarrh, chronic constipation, gall bladder and tubes inflammation, gall bladder stones, post – operative gall digestive tract states,

3. Skin diseases eczema, psoriasis, varicose ulcers

4. Peripheral blood vessels diseases:
both arterial and vain ones

5. Non – articular rheumatism: fibrositis ( aching back syndrome ) , mynosistis, tendonitis, panarthritis ( shoulder ache syndrome ) , bursitis.

There are no counter indications for Prolom water.


– drinking of curative waters,
– hydrotherapies: bathing in tubs, underwater massage, local baths, pearl bath tub, swimming in the pool,
– mud therapy
– electro – therapy: ultrasonics, solux lamp, DD currents, galvanization, electrophoresis, interferential currents, electrostimulation, exponential currents,
– Kinezi – therapy
– Manual massage
– Laser therapy


Complex cellulite therapy, hot stone therapy, manual body massage, biopthron lamp therapy, gym.

There is no need for changing usual life – style habits during Prolom water treatments.


Check ups by specialists, biochemical laboratory tests, abdomen ultrasonic diagnostics, Color Doppler of the neck blood vessels and peripheral circulation.

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