Lukovska Spa

Lukovska SpaLukovska Spa is situated 36 km west of Kuršumlija, on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kopaonik, 99 km away from Niš, 107 km from Kruševac and 297 km from Belgrade.

Lukovska Spa is a Spa and Climate Resort operating within A.D. “Planinka” from Kuršumlija. Among the natural resources used in the spa treatments, there are: curative waters, mud, climate and the surrounding ambiance. The spa is known for its many wells ( 37 ) and the enormous quantity of their output of over 100 lit/s of the hot mineral waters ( up to 65°C ) . This is the spa of highest altitude in Serbia ( 681 m in the centre of the spa ) , which makes it the fresh air resort as well.

Lukovska Banja Spa waters are: carbon – acidic, sulphide, fluoride, silicone and lithium contents: according to their macro contents, they are of carbo – hydrate, natrium – magnesium – calcium types.

Moderate – continental climate of the forest type prevails in Lukovska Banja Spa, with moderately high ( sub – alpine ) surroundings, somewhat soothed by the actions of local factors( thermal waters and the relief ) , so that it is favorable for recuperation and strengthening of the body.

The available capacities of A.D. ” Planinka ” are as follows: “Kopaonik ” Hotel with 120 beds and 120 restaurant seats. The medical departments comprise doctors’ offices, hydro – therapy, electro – therapy, manual massage and peloido – therapy, as well as the indoor swimming pool with curative water used for recreation and rehabilitation. ” Mladost ” is an annexed building with 80 beds and 40 restaurant seats and a therapy section. The new ” Šljivik ” bathing facilities, gym, the landscaped spa wells in the Gornja Banja, add to the therapeutic services scope of the Spa.

1. Chronic inflammations – rheumatic diseases ( rheumatic arthritis without clinical signs of acute inflammation ) ,
2. Degenerative spinal diseases ( arthrosis, spondilosis and deformative spondo – dilatroses, lumbar ishiaticus periarthritis ( painful shoulder syndromes );
3. Post traumatic osteo – articular states;

Spa treatments:
– hydrotherapy : bathing in tubs, underwater massage, local baths, pearl bath tub, swimming in the pool ;
– mud – therapy – hot, indifferent and direct mud applications;
– electro – therapies: ultrasonics, solux lamps, DD currents, electro-stimulation;
– Manual massage
– Magneto – therapy

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