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The village of Brankovina is situated only 12 km from the town of Valjevo.

Today Brankovina is a popular and famous turist destination.

Many special events take place here : ” Desanka’ s conversations in Maj ” , ” Meetings of the poets in October ” and ” The day of the raspberry” .

The famous family of Nenadović settled in Brankovina in the 17 th century.

The most eminent members of family who played decisive roles in the historical events of the 18 th and 19th century are : Ljuba Nenadović, Princ Aleksa nenadović, Prota Mateja Nenaovidć, Duke ( Voivoda ) Jakov Nenadović and Sima Nenadović.

The old school is called ” Protina “ or ” priest’ s ” school. Today it houses museum exhibition chronicling the development and education system of that time.

” Desanka’ a School “   was renovated in 1985. Their newly designed building houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and works of the poetess. There also a hall for events and a library. Behind ” Desanka’ s School ” is school writing office.

The Church of the Holy Archangels is endowemwnt of the serbian Ortodox Priest Mateja Nenadović. In the churchyard, close to the church, many members of the Nenadović family are buried here. Also in the churchyard, but further from the church, is the grave of the great poetess, Desanka Maksimović.

Sobrašice – served as meeting places at times of celebrations and church holidays.

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