Ethno Complex Ognjište

Ethno Complex OgnjišteIn western Serbia, 200km from Belgrade, 200km from Novi Sad and only 6km from Ljubovija, under the ancient Roman town and hill Nemić, on 380m above the sea level, in a small village BjeleVode, in ethno complex „ Ognjište “ , there is situated ,, Karadjordje’ s konak ” , a place for real vacation and relaxation.

The object has been built according to the old Serbian style, professor Božidar Petrović has made the whole project.


The object is completly new and has three double – rooms, first cathegory, a modern kitchen with a dinning – room, a teracce with 50 seats, with a wonderful view on the Drina river and the Republic of Srpska.

At the exhibition in the gallery of the Serbia! Academy of Sierte and Art, from 4th of April till 14th of May 2007. „ Karadjordje’ s konak ” was declared as the most beautiful constructed object which projected by prof. Božidar Petrović.
The ethno restaurant hasn’ t finished yet, there will be prepared and served only old Serbian dishes, authentic for this area. Also, we are building the amphitheatre with summer stage, sport’ s playingrounds and few objects more for the guests, according to the same style.

Across from the ethno complex, there is situated the monastery of the Sv. Trojica. The host, Karadjordje together with his wife and their children have built it on his property and next to his parent’ s graves with a blessing of the Šabac’ s bishop Mr Lavrentije, and as a founder he gifted it to the Serbian Orthodox Church.

From St Nicola, 19th of December 2005. there is a priest in the monastery, jeromonah Serafim, who serves saint liturgy every Saturday, Sunday and on holy – day, everyday he serves morning and evening liturgies.
From 1st of  May 2007. will be a burial garment, of St. Petka as a permanent reliquary, which we have received from the town of Jaši, Romania, where are the relics of  St. Petka.

In the foothill of the complex there flows the Drina river, and also there are possibilities for sport – fishing, cruising by small boats . . .

Also there is a possibility for visiting the famous fortress from the First Serbian Uprising – Šanac on Baurić, which is on half -an – hour by foot from the complex.

There are possibilities for mount – biking, walking, visiting the monasteries of St. Nikolaj in Soko Grad and of the Sveta Trojica in Čitluk, visiting the mountine Bobija . . .

Come and enjoy in pure nature, fresh air and water as well as in domestic dishes.

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