Sports and rekreations complex “The sunny river”

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  • Municipality: Loznica
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 15

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Sports and recreations complex “The Sunny River” is located in the west part of Serbia, on the river Drina, next to the road Šabac-Loznica-Zvornik. This complex is 140km from Belgrad, 145km from Novi Sad, 60km from Šabac, 40km from Bijeljina, 10km from Loznica, 3km from Banja Koviljača.

The complex consists of:
– log cabin for guests accomodation ( 1/1 and 1/2 – 50 beds ),
– “National House” ( 135 seats ),
– summer garden ( 500 seats ),
– summer cottage ( 40 seats ),
– business room ( 1000 seats ),
– beach (150m),
– parking place,
– sports courts and courts for recreation,
– stud farm.

Organized tours and animation: football court, volleyball on the sand, basketball court and tennis court; badminton court; table tennis; amusement park for kids; horse riding school and long – distance horse riding tracks; trail running ( 5000m ); pilates; mountain adventures, trips to the nearby tourist destination; Drina rafting; boat rides; coach rides; nordic skiing; jip rides and bike rides; hunting and fishing; field trips of suprise, organizing weddings and second celebration. . .

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