Radalj Spa

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HotelRadaljska Вапја ( Radalj Spa ) is located in the valley of the river which bears the same name, on 350 meters height above sea level, in the base of the mountain Boranja. It is 8 ( eight ) kilometers from main road Loznica – Mali Zvornik.

Even in the end of the XIX century the medical properties of the water of Radalj was examined. According to its medical properties, the water of Radaljska banja is similar to the one , betterknown, from Banja Koviljača, with the high level of sulfur.

Examinations show that healthy water of Radaljska Banja helps in remedial treatment of rheumatism of all kinds, arthritis, etc.

The guests of Radaljska Banja are offered broadly possibilities for individual entertainment. Walk across accessible old forests. While skiing is forthe winter, swimming in an artificial lake that water moves mini power plant is forthe summer. The depth of the lake goes up to 20 meters.

The lake is full with different species offish, especially carps, and in nearness is the Drina, the river which is special heaven for fishermen.Gently agitate landscapes of the mountain Boranja are homes for big and manikin venison, and with holiday in the spa, the visitors who are wellversed to hunting, it offers many possibilities for hunting.

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