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Tršić is a small village with about 1, 200 inhabitants. It is seven kilometers away from the center of Loznica, on the road to Valjevo. Tršić is the birthplace of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, a Serbian linguist and major reformer of Serbian language and spelling. There is a memorial complex in the village, which comprises the authentic facilities of folk architecture.

The complex encompasses 35 facilities that are under protection of the state, including museums, galleries, water mills, church, old crafts workshop and other dedicated facilities.

The central place within the complex is occupied by Saborište, which is a complex with an amphitheatre where annual Vukov Sabor event is organized. Special entity in this complex is Vuk’ s estate with his house and auxiliary buildings.

The Association of Householders Tršić was formed in 2006 with the aim of improving and promoting rural tourism in Vuk’ s region.
Six active households with total accommodation capacity of 62 beds cherish the householding spirit of western Serbia and insist on hospitality and domestic cuisine specialties.
The Association of Householders is also engaged in elaboration and realization of numerous projects that promote, educate, offer additional contents and attract many visitors.
Every year, international volunteer camp Eco – camp Tršić and Multimedia Art Colony gather young activists and artists whose participation in these events and concrete campaigns contribute to the cultivation of Vuk’ s region. In this way, Tršić becomes the meeting place of tradition and contemporary tendencies that help this area move with the times.
In addition to excellent accommodation capacities and food, cultural and historical heritage, we are also very proud of the surrounding nature that provides the conditions for active and quality vacation.

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