Kremna – The Mountain Village Richly Of Legend

Kremna Kremna is the place in the valley carrying the same name, which is diving two famous mountains in Western Serbia, Zlatibor and Tara.

Settlements developed since the ancient times thanks to the positive conditions of fertile basin and mountainous surrounding. The roads led thorough Šaragan that connected the canyon of western Morava with the canyon of Drina. After the First World War, the railway was made there, and the massif of Šargan was mastered by the famous technical solution of ” Šargan’s Eight ” , where from the 800 m of altitude, where Kremna is, the train comes down to 450 m of altitude, to place where Mokra Gora is.

Dr Radovan Kazimirović describes this place in Kremna Prophecy ”  The countryside around Kremna is like a boundless garden speckled with conifer trees, which look as if they are mumbling to the breeze of wind in the harmony, in which everything lives, everything shines, everything sparks with cheer and happiness. The horizon cracks on several places to give way to Sargarx and Cigota, resembling very large flower pots with evergreen in it, and to your eyes it gives endless view as far as to Durmitor and Avala… ” .

It is said that once long ago the summer castles of the Nemanjics were in Kremna.

In oral folk tradition, besides the legend of the Nemanjics castle, there was also ” The watchtower of Kremna governor ” the birthplace of Kostresh The Outlaw, Inn at Moljkovics’ but the greatest popularity to Kremna was brought by the well- known Tarabic’s Prophecy, recorded by the orthodox priest Zaharije Zaharić.

The Altitude of the village hamlets of Kremna is between 750 and 850 m. To this perfect climate, we add flower fields, mountain meadows bound by conifer trees, mountain brooks and clear fresh springs. All of that defined Kremna as the air bath at the beginning of the XX century.
In the western part of the village, in Šaragan, there is the station of the renovated museum railways, where ” Šargan’s Eight ” starts its journey.

Kremna today consists of about 800 households with over 2500 inhabitants.

In the village, there is a motel ŠARGAN with capacity of 25 beds, nine taverns, several shops, a primary school, the church, Culture Center with the library and the cinema, the ambulance, places for recreation such as football, basketball, volleyball and handball are. More than 50 households are ready and willing to offer hospitality to their guests who are in need for relaxation and recreation.

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