Spa Vrujci

Banja Vrujci-mapaVrujci Spa situated in the north – west of Serbia,in the foot of mountains Suvobor ( 865 ) and Maljen ( 1104m ) . It is located in river vallez of Toplica,left tributary of Kolubara, 92 km south – west from Belgrade. Vrujci Spa lies at 180m above the sea level and has mild temperate – continental climateate.Mineral waters of the spa are warm ( with the temperature of 28 C ) and contain pottasium, magnesium and selenium, with the abundance of water spring of 3001/ s Vrujci is the first spa in Serbia and Montenegro. Mineral waters and mineral claz in Vrujci Spa are used in treatmens of chronic rheumatism,high bold pressure,anemia,neurasthenia, gynecology diseases, kidney stone and eye diseases.

„ Vrujci ” Hotel with three stars,has 220 beds, restaurant with 400 seats, pastry shop, in – door swimming pool, trim cabinet, sauna, jacuzzi bathtubs, billiard room, hair – stylist, souvenir shop. Near the hotel there are three open swimming pools with mineral running water, four tennis courts, sport terrains for handball, volleyball and basketball and two football fields.


Thanks to its facilities, Vrujci Spa became important sport center in our country. In the spa there is also a rehabilitation center which provides complete medical service: kinetic therapy, hydrotherapy and peloide therapy.

In the vicinity of „ Vrujci ” hotel there is holiday resort „ Termoelektro ” Belgrade with 120 beds and a restaurant. There are also 500 beds in private accommodation. Close to Vrujci Spa there are known historic and tourist places:native house of Zivoin Misic in the village of Struganik, mountains Suvobor, Rajac and Divcibare,Bogovaða, Brankovina, Mionica and Valjevo with its rich historic and cultural heritage.

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