Fortress of Niš

Fortress of NišAt the Nišava river bank, on the remains of the roman military camp, the roman town called Naissus, and finally on the remains of Byzantium and medieval destroyed fortification, the Turks build strong fortress at the beginning of 18th century.

The building of this fortress lasted from 1719 to 1723. it was build with local people tedious labor, Istanbul stonecutters and bricklayers.
Beside this wall saved walls and gates, numerous objects from various periods, such as armory, turkish steam, bath, turkish post station, Bali – mosque, powder place and prison were also saved within this fortress.

Bali Beg Mosque

The construction of this mosque took a few years – from 1525 to 1553. It is one out of 10 mosques built within the Fortress.

Today GallerySalon 77 is lokated there.

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