Knjaževac – A Part Of East Serbia

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Knjaževac Knjaževac is situated in east Serbia, on the banks of :

 Svrljiški Timok, Trgoviški Timok and Beli Timok, surrounded by the mountains of Stara planina, Tresibaba and Tupižnica.

Rich cultural inheritance, saved folks architecture and traditional living style are seen on the area of 1202, settled by 37 172 inhabitants.


Civilization inheritance is presented in the colections in Homeland Museum.

Colection of two strings knitted socks is unique. Rich geodiversity and biodiversity are the reason for visiting Knjaževac.

House of Culture, Library and various civil societies permanently organize various cultural events.

Traditional or modern food and drink – it is your choice.

It is possible to arrive in Knjaževac by highway Belgrade – Niš, and then by regional roads via Sokobanja, Zaječar or Niš.

There is railway connection, too. Nearest airport is NiŠ only 60 km far away.

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