Facility Bojanine Vode

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    Trem ( 1, 810 m )The tourist sport, and recreational facility Bojanine Vode ( Bojana’s Waters ) is located 25 kilometres from Niš and 15 kilometres from Niška Banja. The total area of the site covers 17 kilometres and its height above sea level is 700 1300 metres.

    These two features and the position of the site, on the north slope of the mountain range, have turned it into an oasis of clean, fresh mountain air and sun.

    The name of the complex comes from a nearby fresh water spring Bojanine Vode. in the nearest vicinity of the spring two mountaineering centres are available: Bojanine Vode ( 37 beds available ) and Studenac ( 55 beds available ), 860 metres above sea level.

    Nearby one finds the ski track called Sokolov Kamen ( the Falcon’s Stone ). Its characteristics are as follows: start height above sea level 809 metres, the length of the ski – lift track 772 metres, the difference in height 336 metres, average incline 43.5 degrees, average skiing time 3.84 minutes, the capacity of 900 skiers per hour. There is also a ski – lift for children and beginners.

    Skiing here at night is a special kind of experience. It is important for mountaineers to know that there is a Niš transversal made up of 13 checkpoints, 4 of which are in this area.

    The highest peaks are Trem ( 1,810 m ), Sokolov kamen ( 1, 553m ), Devojački grob ( 1, 317m ) , Kolovkamen ( 1, 361 m ) , and Mosor ( 984m ) .

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