The Church of Holy Asension

The Church of HolyAsension in Čurug. During the Hungarian revolution in 1848, the old temple was ruined and the big preparations for building a new church have started in 1854. In 1856. the license was approved and people from Čurug made contest regarding project for the new church. The project of army engineer Jozef Kraft …

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The Church of Holy Ascension

The Church of Holy Ascension in Djurdjevo. Iconostasis was painted by Pavle Simić in 1851. The throne of Saint Mary and Arhijerevski throne were saved.  The municipality of the church gave over the old iconostasis of Pavle Simić to Simeon Djaković, hieromonk of monastery Zitomislic in 1810. The iconostasis that we have today, was made …

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The Church of Snežna Gospa

The Catholics church in Žabalj was built in 1824. in honor to Virgin Mary. Even though the building of this church was proposed in report made by Archduke Ludvig in 1808. Mihajlo Cupor consecrated this church in 1826. This church was burnt during the rebellion froa 1848 – 1849, but it was rebuilt afterwards. The …

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The Church Of Trška

The Church of Trška, dating from 12 th centry, is the oldest cultural monument in Homolje. This monastery was built in the Raška style and is a simple building. The church icons are framed in wood, presumably made in the XVII centurty. It’ s stone portal at the entrance, with floral and zoomorphic relief, carved …

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The St. Roman Monastery

The St. Roman Monastery at 20 kilometers from Kruševac. Built by the end of the XIV century, on the foundations of a church from the IX century, as one of the more modest memorials from the time of Despot Stefan Lazarević. The church is one of the oldest religious buildings, dedicated to St.Roman, a pupil …

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The Naupara Monastery

The Naupara Monastery – built in XIV century. The church of the monastery is dedicated to the birth of the Mother of God and is situated next to the village bearing the same name. The monastery is 15 kilometers far from Kruševac in the direction of Brus.  Naupara was built in moravski style, with a …

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Koroglaš Monastery

The Koroglaš monastery, remains of the church building with necropolis, is among the significant Serbian medieval ( 14th – 15 th c. ) monuments of sacral architecture in the region of eastern Serbia or Negotinska Krajina. The church of the Koroglaš monastery is located in the closest proximity of Negotin, in the disrict of the …

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Bukovo Monastery

On the slopes of Bratujevac, 4 km west of Negotin, lies Bukovo monastery, situated in a picturesque landscape, surrounded by woods. It is presumed it was built in the 14th or 15th century. Of the original frescoes, the Holy Mother in the circle of angels on the vault remained, and above the church entrance St …

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The Vratna Nunnery

Vratna nunnery is located 30 km from Negotin, embraced by stones, far from the eyes of the public within the Vratna complex. Exact time of its construction is unknown. It is considered that the church originates from the first half of the 15th century. People believe that the monastery was founded during the reign of …

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Novo Hopovo Monastery

Novo Hopovo monastery is situated 30 km from Sremski Karlovci. It was founded on the place of a previous church from the 10th century. Dositej Obradović spent three years in this monastery. In the monastery church, the holy relics of St Teodor Tiron ( 4th century ) are kept, and these ate the oldest and …

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Jazak Monastery

Jazak Monastery is situated near a namesake village, 45 km from Sremski Karlovci. This is the youngest and, most probably, the most beautiful monastery on Fruška Gora that was founded in 18th century. The holy relics of the last Serbian emperor, Uroš I Nemanjić, are kept in this monastery. Within the monastery complex, there is …

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Vrdnik Monastery

Vrdnik monastery is situated 42 km from Sremski Karlovci. The monastery was founded in the 16th century. For a very long period of time, the holy relics of St. Prince Lazar were kept in this monastery, and that is the reason why this monastery got a name Srem’ s Ravanica.

Grgeteg Monastery

Grgeteg monastery is situated 16km from Sremski Karlovci. It is one of the oldest and, certainly, one of the most beautiful monasteries on Fruška Gora. The iconostasis in the monastery church was painted by Uroš Predić, one of the most significant Serbian painter ever. The nearest replica of the icon called ” The Virgin Mary …

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Velika Remeta Monastery

Velika Remeta monastery is situated 12 km away from Sremski Karlovci. A legend says that this monastery was founded by Serbian king, Dragutin Nemanjić. One of the characteristic of this monastery is its bell tower 40 m high, the highest on Fruška Gora.

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