Manifestation of Žagubica Municipality

ArtistDuring a visit to Žagubica, you can visit the Society of Visual Artists of Žagubica that is located in the main street, opposite the church. Under this society, the international colony of visual arts, HOMO art, is organized. It was founded in 2006, and more than 50 participants from both country and abroad ( Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine, Finland, Denmark ) , took part in its work.

The society organizes, under professional supervision, weekend workshops of visual arts, in which lovers of fine arts can participate.

These workshops are realized in the atelier of the Society or in the Vrelo Motel, depending on the size of a group. The participants are provided with easels and painting kit, as well as the painting material that can be obtained through this Society.

The ecological Society ” Studenac “ from Krepoljin was formed in 1997 with a view to preserve and protect nature, organize different ecological actions, raise the ecological awareness and educate the citizens, above all the young, as well as to cooperate with other movements and societies.

Among many activities, during the decade of its existence, one of the most important is initiation and organizing of the event ” Days of mushrooms and herbs of Homolje “ . First such gathering were of less number, mostly experts that deal with mushrooms and wild growing edible herbs. In the recent years, magnificent exhibitions of mushrooms and herbs are held, the programs are being enriched and the number of guests and visitors from many parts of Serbia and abroad is growing. Owing to it, this event has spread to republic level and entered the calendar of similar exhibitions under the auspices of Mycological Society of Serbia.
The most important cultural and touristic manifestation is ” Sabor Vrela Homolja ” ( The Convention of the Wells of Homolje ) in Žagubica.

It is organised as a review of the folk creativity with the specific folk costume, folk instruments, songs and also as a sports event.

Priveg is one of the most archaic and most complex customs from the cult of the dead that can be found today on the European grounds. By organising this manifestation, the cultural heritage that enriches the whole Serbian cultural wealth, is being nurtured.


The night in Gornjak is a manifestation of poetry and visual arts that is traditionally held in the churchyard of Monastery Gornjak.

 Republic Cycling Competition – Žagubica

” Spasovdanski susreti “ – Krepoljin is the show of the folklore in these parts.

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